About the Game

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Queen At Arms is an upcoming fantasy wartime visual novel by Aqualuft Games, for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

As a young girl, Marcus Cordale was rescued from a violent political coup and taken away from the country of her birth. To protect her identity, she was raised as a boy. When she comes of age, she joins the army of Orthera, in search of her elder brother. But when war breaks out, the Ortheran army is thrown into turmoil, and the young recruit is catapulted through the ranks. Can she step up to lead, and wage a battle against the kingdom that she once called home?

  • A story of political intrigue, love, and war: Navigate a world rife with political intrigue, bloodshed, and uncertainty as a young soldier still seeking her place in the world. Form strong bonds with others to survive.
  • Every choice counts: Player agency is everything, and you can act as you please. But be aware—each time you make a decision, it has the potential to affect everything from battle outcomes to your relationships with other characters. And you may lose a friend or two before the war is over!
  • Prepare for battle: Before major battle sequences, the player has the opportunity to hone many different skills, including swordplay, medicine, and magic. What you take the time to learn can make all the difference in a future skirmish!
  • Relationships with others: The player’s relationships with NPCs are more than just dry statistics—each character has a story to tell and secrets to uncover. Acting in a certain way towards one person may jeopardize or strengthen your relationship with another.
  • Complex themes: The story tackles matters of gender identity and diverse sexualities, and features the potential for relationships with characters both male and female, in a culture where standing out can at times be dangerous.


  • Over ten hours of gameplay with more than twelve possible endings
  • Potential romances with up to seven different characters
  • Quick, action-packed combat sequences with timed decisions
  • Sprawling battles with complex strategic choices

System Requirements

Queen At Arms is built on Ren’py, a Python-based engine, and will be available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Most modern desktop or laptop computers should be able to run the game without issue. Queen at Arms is not currently available for mobile devices or consoles.